Here are some comments from our farmer customers, full testimonials available on request.

Aled and John Davies from Aberystwyth says; "Since using the Forage Link service from Chris Williams we have seen major improvements in fertility, health and performance in both the sheep and cattle."

“After having a serious outbreak of Coccidiosis in the lambs in 2014 we wanted to find a cost-effective preventative for lambs in the future. We have used Clinwil’s Deccox licks now for two seasons and the lambs have stayed clean, and as well as preventing coccidiosis we have even seen a drastic reduction in orf.”


Gareth Pugh

CVJ & PM Pugh, Cwmwhitton, Knighton.


“We have been using Clinwil Mineral Feed buckets for a number of years for our Sheep and Cattle and found them to be ideal for us and the needs of our livestock.

They seem to have all the nutritional elements and requirements for our sheep on our grazing marshes all year round, and the ewes, rams and lambs all look in good condition.

The buckets are presented to them full time and we find that because we’ve been doing it so long now, they only take it if necessary. I can surely recommend these products.

The Cattle are grazed on the marshes in the summer and have a suckler cow or young stock bucket, and the nutritional elements have been very good, and the animals look in good condition.

Winter months the cattle are put on a high element mineral feed supplied loose, which is mixed in with the food and I am sure this has benefitted our cattle breeding.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these products.”


Sadie Brooks

Woodlands Farm, Norfolk

“Clinwil Nutrition Services - knowledgeable, approachable and supportive company being readily available to answer questions whilst offering a common-sense approach to helping with on farm nutritional issues or queries.


We have benefitted from specifically formulated feed buckets that have been designed to supplement and work with our home-produced forage in a format that works for our farm. As a result, we have had bigger lambs getting to their feet quickly with more ‘get up and go’ and ewes showing improved maternal instincts and having more milk.


Products may be marginally more expensive per unit but the reduction in amount of buckets fed due to the ewes nutritional needs being met thanks to the specific formulation has resulted in half the amount of buckets being needed so has actually cost us less than an off the shelf product.


We have definitely benefitted from your advice, support and encouragement and look forward to continuing to work with you to get the best from our livestock.”


Sarah Hammond

Glyn Arthur Farms

“Chris Williams became involved with Innovis in autumn 2018. Chris has played a role in understanding the mineral and trace element requirement of the farming operation, taking in soil, grass, silage and water samples for full detailed analysis. Chris’ expertise and 30 years of experience was apparent as he developed a bespoke mineral bucket for the different classes of livestock on the farm. Performance from our nucleus flock has dramatically improved under Chris’ guidance and we feel that the grass quality and genetic potential is at last being fulfilled. We have failed to get into this position working with a number of other mineral/trace element suppliers and veterinarians over the years.

We have been very impressed with Chris’ low key but professional approach to our farming system, taking on board comments from our grassland advisors and vets and tailoring an approach that accommodates everyone.

I can happily endorse Chris to other businesses and do so regularly.”


Dewi Jones

CEO for Innovis Ltd.



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