Who is Clinwil Nutrition Services?

CNS was formed by Chris Williams, he has been involved in livestock nutrition for over 30 years, formulating, manufacturing and advising on mineral, trace elements and vitamin supplements. In that time he has worked to strict working ethics of Quality, Service and Advice, this continues today helping farmers around the UK to solve nutritional problems and improve the health status and performance of their livestock.


FORAGE LINK is our full forage analysis and advice service available to farmers. We can analyse a full range of forages and recommend a complete "balanced" supplement program to help improve health and performance of livestock. We can now also analyse soils, feeds, water and bio solids.


Chris is also available for farmer talks and consultancy on trace elements and vitamins.   

CNS also has its own range of granular and molassed lick supplements available nationwide through a group of dedicated advisers.

Chris is a Full member of the Feed Advisers Register (FAR), an AMTRA SQP and is able to advise and sell POM-VPS medicines as well as Register of Sheep Advisers (RoSA)

To help provide these services CNS has teamed up with various technically advanced companies such as Biocell Agri, Agrii, Agri-Wise and Rumenco.

Chris also farms a small herd of Pedigree Hereford cattle so he has a full understanding of the needs of today's livestock farming.

If you have any nutritional issues, need any advice on farm inputs then give Chris a call he will be happy to help you.


07484 548520 or 01547 540611




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If you require any help or assistance then please contact us;

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