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Join farmers throughout the country who have seen vast improvements in stock performance and health by using this service.
Forage Linking Services | Clinwil

Forage makes up over 70% of a ruminants feed yet it’s the only feed we use without a “label”. At Clinwil we take the “guess work” out of feeding forage by analysing not just for feed values but also for minerals, trace elements and antagonists.

Minerals and trace elements are the foundations of any Ruminant animals diet and so the importance of balancing these elements are essential for improving health and performance of your stock.

The Benefits Of Forage Link


Improve Fertility


Increase Production


Less Losses


Improve Feet & Skin Health


Reduce Mastitis & SCC


Boost Immunity


Reduced Outbreaks of Pneumonia


Reduced Costs / Better Margins

Forage Link Process


Firstly we sample the grass, silage, hay or whole crop used to feed the farms stock, this sample is then sent to lancrop for “wet chemistry” analysis. The results are then emailed to our office where a complete 5 page report is produced.


From these results we can advise a complete mineral, trace element package for your farms livestock, and because we are independent we can give you the best advice on what sort of supplementation suits your stock.

We can also analyse soil, water, feeds and manure. ask for more information.

To find out more about this service call Chris on 01547 540611 or 07484 548520

Clinwil Nutrition Services are full members of the Feed Advisers Register and Register of Sheep Advisers, also a fully qualified AMTRA SQP.