A range of mineral, trace element and vitamin supplements available in both granular bagged or molassed lick bucket form. manufactured using the highest quality raw materials in UFAS quality assured mills. We can also do custom mixes and organic minerals please contact us for more information and a quote.

HEALTH & HIDE RANGE available as a molassed lick or granular bag supplement, high in chelated trace elements and vitamins ideal for breeding stock to improve health and performance when there is “lock-ups” or deficiencies of essential trace elements in the diet. Available for SHEEP, RAMS & CATTLE with the addition of copper to improve fertility and growth. Also HEALTH & HIDE PLUS, as above with natural plant extract to help boost immunity and gut health. 

SUCKLER COW High in magnesium to aid in the reduction of grass “staggers” as well as aiding calving. This formulation is ideal for suckler cows all year round from bulling to calving. Provides high levels of chelated trace elements and vitamins to help bolster the breeding cows diet. Also Available as SUCKLER ENERGY as above with advantage of protein and energy when grass or forage is low. 

EWEFLUSH quality lick for ewes 4 weeks before tupping to improve fertility and also to be fed 4 weeks after tupping to reduce the instance of foetal re-absorption. High in minerals, chelated trace elements and vitamins, with added protein and energy to help get ewes in top condition for tupping.

ENERPRO a feed bucket designed to provide quality protein and energy to boost forage based diets also includes high levels of minerals, trace elements and vitamins. Ideal for ewes pre lambing and store cattle on forage, available with copper for cattle.

ENERPRO EXTRA designed to boost energy levels to improve condition pre lambing or pre calving also ideal for growing stock, contains protein, energy, live yeast, minerals, trace elements and vitamins. This product has been found to improve lambing and calving by increasing the sticky mucous found on the newly born lamb or calf.


ENERPRO PLUS a high energy (16ME) feed lick ideal at tupping and lambing time to provide extra protected energy, ideal to boost fertility and for easier lambing.


DECCOX a molassed lick containing protein, minerals, trace elements and vitamins and DECCOX* at a high level to allow for shy feeders.



granular powder packed in 25kg plastic bags, molassed licks packed in the following options; 20kg cardboard boxes, Buckets are available in 20/25/80/100/500kg. 

* A vet prescription is required for products containing Deccox.

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